Welcome to Constellation Numismatic's online error currency catalogue. While some dealers view errors as little more than a nuisance, we specialize in U.S. rare paper money errors, striving to offer a diversity of error types, selection of grades, and a wide range of prices. Our hope is to reach both the novice collector and advanced connoisseur alike.

    Error paper money is a fascinating specialty within the spectrum of numismatics. While not as popular as error coin collecting, the field of misprinted paper money presents a fun and educational pastime. Educational in that it is a valuable tool in understanding the sometimes intimidating, at least on the surface, technical side of how currency is produced at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Paper money misprints can form a stand alone collection, assembled by series, denomination, or error class, just to name a few, or complement a  "normal"  rare currency collection.

    Misprinted currency is nearly as old as paper money itself. U.S. currency errors probably exist on all modern series small size notes, from the one dollar up to at least the one thousand dollar denomination, and on the majority of early large size note issues, including national bank notes, and even fractional currency, obsolete notes, and  continental currency and colonial issues as well. Currency misprints can occur from failures both human and mechanical. Results can be subtle or eye-catching, and sometimes quite bizarre or unique.

    Our website is, admittedly, a work in progress, serving as a basic pricelist that supplements our mail order catalogue. Enjoy the site, but please remember all pictures, text, and descriptions are the property of Constellation Numismatic, and are not to be used without acknowledgement and express written permission. While we do buy error notes, this website is not to be construed as a solicitation to purchase such notes. Please do not send any items requesting an offer without first calling and gaining express approval to proceed. Similarly, we are unable to appraise items for clients, so please do not send us images, descriptions, or actual items seeking identification or estimate of value.

    We do not yet offer direct online ordering. If you wish to place an order, simply call  (717) 721-9504  and reserve anything of interest. Member PCDA, so order with confidence. Please let us know how we might better serve you. We sincerely hope you will find something herein to your liking, and look forward to hearing from you.